Roadtrips, post office, handmade calendars, cleaning & Bruce

Kelly's on a roadtrip this week to visit her long distance love. Downtown Alan Brown. All the way to Lubbock... ouch 9 hours in the car with her doggy Zeke. I miss you sister. Have fun and be safe!


So Im gonna keep busy and make more calendars with file folders, fabric, stickers, tape, thread, and random paper. This will keep me organized for the holiday season. I will be selling 2010 calendar sets at the salon &  on etsy soon. They are super rad!

Get your Bueno Bueno Key necklace before they run out. Great for gifts!  Images that I have right now: firebird, sun, cactus, rose&heart. $35 includes cute packaging and shipping.
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mailing some orders out today.

Jacob and I are listening to the Boss today. Live sessions 1975-1985. My uncle Woob has every album and has been a die hard fan forever, he brought this over yesterday because we didn't have them. Im so thankful that my family had amazing musical taste and brought me up on the best! Maybe that's why there are so many musicians in the fam. My Grandma is a piano and voice teacher so we are quite well rounded in what we listen to.( I still suck at piano). Didn't really appreciate it til later on in my life.

Wanna a helpful tip?
Keep drinking that organic apple cider vinegar. 2-3 times a day. My Belly is going down.
Thanks MARIMETHOD! I like it mixed with water and ice.Jacob mixes his with Juice. If you dont like drinking it pour some on your salad.