Who's that Girl?

I keep on talking about my friend Rannie and her Jewelry line CHRISRANN. Well, Now I finally have good quality pics to show y'all. I own two pieces, soon to have three, Im freakin pumped!

Interview with Rannie Balias

Q. What Made you start Chrisrann?
A. It kinda happened by accident, you have a lot of free time when your unemployed, I started making jewelry for myself and it all started to make sense.

Q. What inspires you?
A. Music. (texted soon after interview) Franki the pug!

Q. What are your favorite bands?
A. Bat for lashes. (Natasha owns a Chrisrann bangle) and Yeah Yeah Yeah's of course.
Currently listening to Bear in Heaven.

Q. Something you always wear?
A. I always have on Bing Bang and my moms vintage rings. I just got her vintage coach purse last week, she was gonna sell it in a garage sale.

Q. Favorite Read?
A. I wanna say Twilight but I won't...Shit! I just started a new David Sedaris book.

Q. Where can I buy your pieces?
A. Shotwell in SanFrancisco or contact me.