Sandra Dee.

1. Sandra Dee was born Alexandra Zuck April 23, 1942. Later we find out she was really born in 1944. Her mother lied about her age.

2. She was a professional model by age 4.

3. Her first modeling job was for a Girl Scouts magazine.

4. She was discovered at age 12 by producer Ross Hunter. He persuaded Universal Studios to sign her to a seven year contract.

5. Her stage name became Sandra Dee.

6. She landed the role and was the original Gidget in 1959. It was released  April 10.(one of my all time favorites!) The movie was made after the novel.

7. Fell in love with co-star/ teen icon Bobby Darin while filming Come September in 1960.
had a son named Dodd the following year.

8. She had a squeaky clean image during her entire acting career and in the movie Grease (1978) they poked fun at her. "Look at me I'm Sandra Dee,  Lousy with Virginity." Remember it was when Riz was singing during the sleepover. Anyway Sandra thought it was funny, and it made a new generation love her.

9. Kate Bosworth played Sandra Dee and Kevin Spacey Played Bobby Darin in Beyond the Sea(2004)

10. Sandra died Feb 20 2005 of Kidney failure.

Wasn't she Beautiful? The first time I saw Gidget as a child I wanted to be her. I watched it all the time!  My parents had to listen to me say "Honest to Goodness its the absolute ultimate!"over and over and over. She was the cutest thing ever in that flick. I wanted to be a little surfer girl and meet my moondoggy someday. If I ever have a daughter, Gidget will be her name.

I think I will watch Gidget today and work on all my unfinished projects! Later I will post pics of the real GIDGET!
Have you noticed how lazy we have gotten with our hair and clothes over the years? The ladies used to set their hair every night! Im a hairstylist and I don't do that! Thats dedication. Perhaps I shall make more of an effort. hmm. We'll see. I wonder if Kelly is wearing a pony tale on this road trip. She's not allowed to for 30 days.

P.S. I want the outfit in photo 1 & swimsuit in photo 4! OMG!