the world needs more love notes.

This boy deserves all the love in the world. When we started dating he would leave me post its everywhere. It's one of our love languages.  I would get home from work and there would be a trail of love notes. We would hide lil notes too( under pillows, in car, suitcase). When one of us was out of town we would find notes in our luggage, or we would leave them in the bathroom so one would see it first thing in the a.m. This year we slacked off a little so when I found this mailbox at a thrift store i had to get it! I spray painted it a pale blue color and put it on Jacobs desk.  I had a plan for it. But before I could write the first love note for Jacob.... I saw the little red flag was up. SHOOT! He beat me to it.
 Its been super fun getting creative with different ways that say "i love you." It makes the heart skip a beat, get butterflies in your tummy and have perma grin for the rest of the day. It really makes things magical, new, and fresh!

this is the note i left him today( polaroid and labels). I encourage you to leave more love notes too, for  your coworkers, friends, family.... Write them for someone you really appreciate, love, like. (tell  your cleaning lady how great of a job she does!)  If your people live far away send a  postcard. I love getting postcards in the mail. Just spread the love. Im telling you it's contagious!

This was the very first picture we ever took. First time to hang out "just us". Funny story.

Another thing we love to do together.

I would love to see creative ways you tell people that you love them.
Q. whats your love language?
shoot us an email with a photo of your note and ill post it with a link to your blog! 
come on get creative with LOVE!