Days at Grandma and Grandpa's house were always the best. Most of the time I voted for their house over hanging out at a friends. Who could pass up real hot chocolate, mountains of blankets, cabinets of old movies, crafts galore to keep us busy, good music, and the sound of the piano during the occasional voice lesson. Today marks one full year without Ponga, my grandpa. I miss him and his shuffle so much. Me and grandma are in the livingroom/santa's work shop making lots of stuff and watching cheesy old movies.

Here are just a few things I find comforting and rememind me of the ol' guy.

1. Hanging out at G&G's house.

2. A piece of cardboard with the Moog logo
and my Moog sweater that he gave me.

3. His rad elephant bank. I remember seeing him go in his
closet and dump his change into this. A few years ago
he gave it to Jeremy (my brother).

4. Zeyk. The first time I introduced Zeyk to Ponga he kept
jumping up on Ponga and I was freaking out because I
didn't want my dog knocking over my Grandpa (or upset him), but he just pet zeyk, smiled and chuckled.

5. Snow!

6. White Christmas

7. Harmonica. If it was your birthday, him and grandma would call mid-day and he would play it on his harmonica and granny would belt it out.

8. A trucker hat that rests on the head and is not actually all the way on and seeing a sweet comb-over.

9. hankerchiefs

10. Sitting around the piano with grandma and singing songs.

11. Peach Brandy

12. Doris Day

I have pictures for the last few, but I won't be able to post them until I get back to my computer later this evening.

I wish Brandi were here with me and grandma, but I know she's having fun with her buds in California.

Do you recommend any old movies?
(please help me update my collection)

If you have any great grandpa stories, we'd love to hear them!