All I can say is Thank God for ReadyMade!
It is food for my brain and I was beginning to wonder if it got lost in the mail.

I could not decide which project to start on when I got home so I wrote down all my ideas on individual pieces of paper and stuck them in a Christmas tin. (yes, it was a slow day at work and this is what I did to pass time). I don't know if it makes it exciting or not, but I'm tired of reading my "next task" off a to-do list. I 24ish projects in the tin and how many days until Christmas???? eeesh. Looks like i'm going to have to double up.

I took Ryder (nephew) to the Home Depot with me before starting on a project. I think he's a fan.

Sadly, it took me forever to find the peg boards at The Home Depot, but I guess I did have a cute distraction. Eventually I found it, bought it and put it up. I won't have the time to organize it until after Christmas, but it's a start.

I looked everywhere for brown envelopes today and it was as if they didn't exist so I ended up making my envelopes out of brown paper was all I had. (While I was doing this, I really missed being in art school and having access to unlimited supplies of craft paper.) I'm just going to cross my fingers and hope the envelope is tough enough to make it to NY.