send in your polaroids to the impossible project.

My friend Joe thought of me when he saw this, now I'm thinking of you...

We want your Polaroid for an Impossible Billboard-Spot in Times Square, NYC

In order to raise awareness towards our cause to save analog Instant Photography, Clear Channel Spectacolor has generously offered The Impossible Project and its mission free space on a billboard in Times Square, NYC! As you, your passion and your talent are the inspiration for our cause, we want to toss the ball back into your court – and ask you to send us one of your Polaroid photos that in some way references Edwin Land's quote Don't undertake a project unless it is manifestly important and nearly impossible. Send us whatever comes to your mind (no violent or "mature" content will be considered). If chosen, your picture will be presented in a spot similar to the one on the left on the billboard in Times Square as well as on this site. If you'd like to make your support of The Impossible Project very public and gain a measure of photographic fame, please submit:
- your Polaroid photo including frame (.jpg, minimal width: 1000px / scan at 300dpi)
- a corresponding statement
- the credit you would like us to indicate (name/ alias / homepage / anonymous)
Submissions must be received by

December 20th, 12.00 pm CET sharp