FUN Q & A To get to know eachother!

Today I just want to ask you a few FUN questions bc i want to get to know you better.

1. What is your name and whats your blog name if you have one?
Brandi Lisenbe. this one:)

2. Where do you live? City, State? if you could live anywhere where would it be?
Houston, Tx....Oahu or Encinitas CA. But i choose Tx for family:)

3. Where do you work? whats your job title? Do you love your Job?
Sunchild salon, hairstylist, yes bc i work for myself and i love being creative with my awesome clients.
i used to get in trouble at every job for talking too much so this is perfect!

4. If you could work anywhere or do anything what would it be?
 Kinda doing it right now. But i want to go on more mission trips and do something that really makes a difference in someones life.

5. What are you reading right now?
stuff my dad never told me about relationships. READ THIS! 

6. What are you listening to? 
a salon mix. Band of Horses is on right now.

7. Guilty pleasure? Reality Tv

8. Name your TV shows: Bored to Death, GG, Glee, Tabithas salon take over, Lost...i have a ton a tv junkie:(

9. What is one thing you do everyday?
10. How did you find Our blog?

11. What do you like to do for fun?

12. do you have twitter? lets be twitter friends!

sunchildsalon click and add me.

13. What was your favorite gift that you gave or recieved this year?
I like them all! Here's a few from Christmas. I love my new Diana camera!
Jacob got me a new "B" mug bc mine is in our storage unit packed away.

14. Whats on your bed side table?


always a glass of water, MUST HAVE my lip balm( i have chapped lips), books, lamp, & bible. 
Jacob was the one who set up my side when he rearranged our bedroom. I think he did good!

ok  Kelly can  answer hers below when she gets off of work. 

Can't wait to read your answers and get to know you better!

 photo by Donald Kilgore
for stop the nakedness shoot.

Sorry for the spacing. I'm not sure why it's doing this.

Good stuff!