So for the past month Kelly has been making paper chains, cutting hearts out of brown paper bags, and collecting beer and pellegrino bottles. Curious?
Well the answer is for Alan, her boyfriend, that lives in Lubbock. She wanted to surprise him with a special romantic home cooked dinner. But since she wanted it to be a surprise she told Alan that they were going to a party and that I asked them to go by the salon and get my ipod.
Jacob and I went up there early to light all the candles, make a love mix, start the oven, and get everything perfect for them.
If you are stumped on what to do for New Years maybe this can help you come up with something.
Just follow the paper hearts.

I love this. A lace room for two.

Paper chain lantern. looks amazing! Im gonna keep it up!
 I looked up how to fold napkins on google for these.

setting the mood.
I love this man.
But ooooh here they come...

Puzzled. Yes Alan, all this is for you.

Young Hearts

Alan still taking it all in..and no Kelly did not propose to him. hahaha. Now if a guy did this for his girlfriend well the girl MIGHT get a little upset if there is not a proposal. So..... be careful.
Hope this post inspired you to get creative and show a loved one you care. Actions speak louder than words. And you do not need a lot of money to make this happen. All you need is a lil time, patience, recycled items, and love. For dinner they had veggie lasagna, salad, french bread and wine. Kelly made the dinner herself :) I'm so proud of her!
What is your dream date?
What do you wish your Boyfriend/Girlfriend would do for you?
Whats the most romantic thing they have done for you or you have done for them?
Have a great Monday!