my favorite things about Christmas 2009

Shopping for that perfect gift!

getting creative and GREEN with wrapping.

getting too excited about a lil gift to give Kelly!

Amy actually making rum balls with me in the kitchen!

Having Ryder(my brothers baby) around on Christmas eve and Christmas!

friends stopping by and giving them presents!

Going to SWIRL! mines the one with the EVERYTHING!

having fun with photos!

Rannie's mom's sophisticated party on Christmas Eve.

waking up at my moms house and eating her breakfast casseroles!

Making this boy smile on Christmas morning!

surprising Jacob!

making our rounds to see Jacobs side too!

my lil sis and I goofing off.

all the presents opened and the tree still looking beautiful!

Day after Christmas CHUYS tradition.
Justin, Colin, Jace, Rannie and I started this 4 years ago. We have been great friends since High school and it gets hard to see eachother all the time ( we all live in different cities) so at least we have this to look forward to! Each year we invite friends who are able to join in:) Farewell Rannie! Shes moving to the big apple! Love all of you!

Playing with Corby and Carol when they come into town! We ate sushi at japenero's and ran into old highschool pals, what a treat! Good times! and yes we were all holding hands hahaha! Corbin was my BFF in Highschool and now I'm Blessed to get Carol too:)

there is a surprise coming up for someone...
here's a lil peek.

Dont you love surprises!? Can't wait to show y'all!?
But I can tell you this.....

Our dear friend Liz Jordan was surprised with this (before) Christmas. DK proposed to her on the air! She is a DJ on 89.3 KSBJ so we all got to listen to the magic moment. I cried, my mom, cried, my clients was beautiful! I am so happy for them!!! DK you rock! I love you guys!

More Christmas magic coming soon....