Christmas Parties and Silliness...and ooops

I love this time of year. I'm a fan of Christmas music, joy, love, parties, friends, family, egg nog, wrapping gifts, hot apple cider, and just all the activities that lead up to that magical day!
The Coffman's had a Christmas Party. Isn't their little tree so pretty?

The food was amazing! and I love how Sara decorated, sooooo grown up! And her handwriting is so fancy!

How awesome is this along with the other beverages they had their own party drink!
WE WON! (itunes gift card) They would play Christmas songs and you had to name the artist and the band. you get a point for each correct one. YAY!

This game you had to guess the items that were in the stocking, just by feeling the outside. I think some people cheated...they were over there way too long! can you tell I'm a wee bit competitive? Only in games! We lost this one:(

awe Jay and Linz.

Good dog bad dog. Can you guess the bad one? Both adorable though.

um yeah.... Margret really likes Cake balls, she was a little excited about these! (She totally meant to be goofy in this photo)

Serious face. The 71's and the wives. Jacob,
you're such a rebel.

Thats more like it! Im sad that the poladroid cut them out.
Oh and here is where it might get annoying to you. After the party Jacob and I took way too many pictures. We were so exhausted and silly. Do you know that feeling where everything is so funny and you don't even know why? yeah....
He was totally trying to get my attention by yelling and putting his booty in the air!

oh and look what Kelly did to my hair. (she didn't check the guard)
AHHHHHHHHHH! I've been shaving one side of my hair for awj=hile now but she basically bic'd me! WATCH video of the first time I decided to do this.

Kelly: why don't you just let me do it for you?
Brandi: No i don't trust you.
Kelly: you trust Rannie and Jacob.
Brandi: but you and I always fight I don't wanna be mad at you.
Kelly: fine..sigh
Brandi: Ok Do it. Here.
People Don't Do this at home!

Hope yall are finishing up all your wrapping and house cleaning! I have friends in town that im dying to see! So I must finish up everything tonight! Jacob and I are gonna attempt to make Rum balls (his mom sent us the recipe today!)
What else do y'all have left to do? remember not to be stressed but have fun!