Sunday Karaoke, Monday Karaoke.

Let's just say we go to the Karaoke bar a lot. And I thought it would be fun to make a little MUST guide for Karaoke. These are some photos from my camera. Sunday night we went for Grace's Birthday Woo actually on the 24th. Monday night was a Christmas celebration with friends (Heathers idea)

 MUST Impress the crowd to get them going!
 MUST surround yourself with Awesomness!
 MUST  have a Happy Birthday Baby Jesus Cake!
 MUST Jump and make faces
MUST have camera to capture best moments of the night. Thanks Kelly I wanna see your photos!

MUST have a smile on your face if you are the birthday girl or boy!

MUST dance and have fun even when it's not your turn. Be a good sport!

MUST have an adorable friend to carry out your presents and  play New Moon with. HA HA!


MUST sing with your best friend in the whole wide world.

MUST sing Creed to be absolutley ridiculous! and get into it!

MUST sing a duet with your better half.
MUST (fill in the blank) HAHAHAHA

MUST sing with awesome friends who organize Karaoke Night!

MUST get people who say they don't sing to SING! (Justin sang like 4 times!) WOO!
and Jacob isn't trying to flick the camera off.
MUST sing your heart out to Bryan Adams. YES!

MUST know when to leave. They had to carry me out because I wanted to stay! We still had 52 min left to sing!

MUST take group shot of the last ones left.

MUST end the night with stories, coffee, and pie!


 I just had an 11 hour work day at the salon so I'm not going to post our Karaoke Must SING list yet. I must go to bed now and wake up early to finish up projects, wrapping, errands, shopping, haircuts, and hopefully Lunch with Jacob, Liz and Trav.

But first I wanna know a couple of things. What are your favorite songs to sing in the shower or at Karaoke night? Do you have a song you ALWAYS sing?  What songs do you HATE to hear people singing? Im dying to read what you have to say!

Ill post the rest of my pics on Flickr eventually.
Oh and Hello to all my new followers, can't wait to check out y'alls blogs!
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