Gingerbread House Fun!

So this tradition has been going on for like 10 years now maybe longer. My Aunt Sharon started this Gingerbread Awesomness but, not everyone could make it this year:( not even Kelly bc she got stuck at work. BOO!
We figured this year we could finally have a contest since we are adults and we won't get our feelings hurt, I mean come on...NOT EVERYONE IS A WINNER! right?! RIGHT!

um yeah this is me throwing snickers at them bc they are ignoring me.
shoulda seen their face when they got hit! YES!

Here I am still running my mouth but they have super hero powers. They can tune me out.

We Won! Just kidding haven't judged them yet.
People we missed (a little) this year.
Mom, Kelly, Jeremy, Amy, Barrett and Ashleigh. Y'all can still make one and then we can judge on Christmas!
If you have pictures of Gingerbread fun I would love to see them!
It's not too late to start your very own gingerbread tradition!

This pic is from the first time Jacob was invited to join our tradition. That was a big deal!