easy hair solution

I have difficult hair...always have and always will.

It's curly here, big there, fluffy around the back and always look like I just rolled out of bed (even when I work on it).

If this is you...

then you need to try this.
I found a diagram in a magazine and I wanted to see if the results were actually worth the work.
My hair is really dark so if you can't see the results, just trust my word.

Needed: Hairspray, lots of bobby pins, curling iron

Preparation: Turn head upside down and apply hairspray everywhere


curl hair, then wrap the curl tightly around fingers and pin to your head


 Once your whole head is curled and pinned it's time to spray

Once you reach this point, take a break for however long.
If you are going out, this is a good time to do make up and pick out what you want to wear.
If you don't have plans, go to bed like this, wake up and continue to step three.


After letting it set for a while, time to let your hair down

Comb through with fingers

or if you want BIG TEXAS HAIR (which I love)
tease some areas and use Dust It for movable hold.

and TA-DA
goodbye nap, hello loose fixed curls.

p.s. I went out after doing this, then slept on my hair, woke up and went to work and it still looked good. I saved so much time the next morning!!!

K & B