Holiday fun

Time flies when your having fun. Last year Jacob and I moved in with my Grandma. I cant believe its been a year! This is us decorating the tree last year. Jacob Shaved his head and made a bet that he wouldn't cut his hair til Christmas 2009.

Ummm yeah so we get distracted. A couple who plays together stays together? 
 did we break something?

Putting lights on the wreath.

Jacob has to perfect it.

 we decided to draw eachother!

Hahaha This was tons of fun! We seriously laughed the whole time! Lots of erasing! Jacob is sad that we added paint though. I told him we could do another one with no paint and he said, " I'll never be able to do the same picture again!" Im sorry. I always add paint when he tells me not to. We enjoyed this so much that I think we are going to take an art class together. I see this being a new tradition. That way we can see if we improve over time. I'm still laughing. This is his first adult drawing. I think he's improved from the bottom one age 5.

This is a fun activity for all ages. You should do it! As you can see you don't have to know how to draw. It's almost better if you can't draw at all. I love the raw look. Its cheap too! I think the wood was $.81
What are some things you love to do during this time?