holiday hair ideas

Hey guys I thought I'd give you some ideas on some casual holiday looks and some party hair ideas so that you won't dare get that scrunchy out! These are all simple and easy!

Going to lunch look.

Guys keep it classic, girls get bangs and wear feathers!
half up half down with some feathers.

add a bueno bueno feather headband and feel like a princess. anytime i wear feathers i automatically feel prettier.
guys wear your favorite hat and escape doing your hair!

more feathers.

I'm a fan of adding real flowers in your hair.

have a hairstyle where you are free to shake and bob your head.
(you can't tell but they are dancing in this photo)

pick an elegant do where you will feel comfortable and pretty.
Grace wanted retro and finger waves.

Have a do that won't look crazy after you sweat outside for an hour.

casual side pony's(random waves) last all night! I added a stretch band to mine.
Whats that face?

Ok thats better Jacob.
Sara has short and sexy hair. love her old school style:)

Christina looks lovely in low buns. Her hair is great to work with!

and i love afro's I won't say her name bc she will kill me but how awesome is her fro!?

I'll have to look through my hard drive for more ideas but for now here's some
 celebrity inspiration.

The key to these looks no matter how smooth they look...TEASING! and HAIRSPRAY! Ill do a how to soon:)

Ummm, she has the RIGHT idea using the big rollers. But, the WRONG idea with this cheap hairspray. Do NOT use Pantene. It will Kill your hair!

Eco Friendly!
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