before and after hair. no photobooth fun!

Grace came in to the sunchild to get her hair colored and cut. She wanted the summery look gone...and the winter look on! She also brought me presents! Thanks Grace!

So we put 2 different darker colors in her hair( a dark brown with purple undertone, and a chocolate brown to cover the blonde).
Next we chopped and sliced into her long mane! GASP!


 love it! we used moroccan oil for shine and mop spray pomade for piece-y-ness!

I decided to call this cut "The Jelly Fish"
After this Jacob called and told me to come up to chuys to eat and hang out with friends.
Mandie came too! (with her freshly dyed winter hair!)
I was starving! The fish tacos and new mexican tini hit the spot!
now what? oooh lets go to boondocks for the photobooth!

 NOT HAPPY ABOUT THIS! (i look scary)
 Oh well Tylers here! Happy again!
Jacob's wearing an early Christmas present. I can't ever wait! (plaid shirt from urban)
shoe shot! hahaha YES IM WEARING MY UGGS DANI!
(my friend Danielle  hates them, but I love them, perfect for comfort and warmth)
Where are all the houston photo booth's?
AMY's ice cream, Katz deli...where else?

Are yall doing anything different with your hair this winter?