How many shirts can you fold?

Wow, My friend Rannie emailed these old pics...I think these were 5 years ago? I had just moved back from Colorado and I got a job at Urban Outfitters...The perfect place to find new clients!

Thank God for that job bc i met some pretty amazing people, clients and reconnected with old friends. Those days were fun but I could never go back to folding t-shirt walls during the holidays! Oh boy! we would be there til all hours of the night high on sugar and caffeine! Singing and dancing to whatever mixtape someone brought in, also fighting with eachother at times bc we were together 24-7!! I miss my Urban family and hearing "BRANDI SHUT UP AND FOLD!"

OMG! Can I go home now???!!!IM GOING CRAZY! I would get those bad neck/shoulder cramps!

BAHAHAHA house calls! this is in my old house! Look at the wall, i was obsessed with bubble wrap!
I loved that house! most of all I love Joseph's long hair! wow is this 2005?
Im so blessed to work for myself and make my own schedule at the SUNCHILD I will never take that for granted! 
What Jobs did you LOVE/HATE?
Did you ever work retail?