Kassi's love notes.

 So In a previous post I asked you, what your love language was?
I asked you to share the different ways you say I love you to your friends, family, husband, wife, whoever.... It really makes the relationship bloom and the little things have huge outcomes! LOVE.

I also encouraged this creativity in your relationships. I hope you take my advice on letting people know you appreciate them. Now is the perfect time to start spreading kindness, love, and JOY. Its such a great feeling causing someone to smile or feel important. Don't you love how it feels to get a postcard from a friend, a lil note on the bathroom mirror or under your pillow? Its that warm fuzzy feeling.

Anyway Kassi's was my favorite. She and her husband are adorable and they love eachother so so much.
This is what she wrote:

i love your mailbox idea. so cute

my husband has always done little things for me... he used to email me every day when we were dating and leave notes on my car, write me songs... he even did a scavenger hunt with 'love' clues when he proposed. he's not nearly as romantic now (boo hoo) but every once in a while he surprises me...

i found this note on the mirror in my bathroom when i woke up the other morning.

our dinner table doubles as a chalkboard that we painted recently for our three kids to doodle on... but we like to use it too... i wrote a little note to the hus reminding him that i love him even though he often ditches me for his "girlfriend" (his surfboard) and good waves - shoot, even not so good of waves... and our friends use it too - they wrote some notes to our kids recently.

i love that you are asking people to get creative with love... what a great reminder to get out there and share your love with the ones who mean the most to you... or just need it the most. 

love your blog by the way. so fun.


this is super funny! love the drawing!

I LOVE IT! He called her Darling, that makes me teary eyed. You should definitely check out this ladys super cute and crafty blog.

And all realtionships take work. I will be cheesy and say a relationship is like a flower, and love notes are like fertilizer, you dont really need fertilizer but man does it do miracles! Maybe thats dumb, and actually love notes are like water for me. I NEED THEM!