who needs wrapping paper or store bought cards..

We have always made people cards or used other materials to wrap presents with. I think it's more fun this way! also cheaper.
This weekend Kelly and I were busy crafting and watching old christmas movies, maybe she was distracted bc she took out a good chunk of skin TWICE while carving her linoleum blocks! ouch! so much for our mani/pedis staying pretty!

Kelly's boo boo's

Kelly's christmas Cards!

I've seen so many cute wreath's out there and I had to make one this year. I havent made one in like 10 years! I used to make them all the time with Grandma and my mom for craft shows. SO here we go... for this one I cut up an old sweater and hot glued to a wreath I found in a box in the garage. To add a lil kick I glued buttons along with other cut outs from the sweater. Can't wait to see what Kelly does with hers.

made tons of Bueno Bueno feather wraps with more colors and shipped out orders. Working on solid black ones for guys with Joseph...coming soon!

I save shopping bags, comics, and sheet music for tons of things, Gifts are definitely one of them. I cut up an U.O. bag and taped a picture in front. Great to put a bottle of fine wine.

these brown bags said aveda on the front so I covered them up with random scraps. Another alternative for tissue paper is torn pages from magazines. Kelly and I will also be wrapping presents in vintage and left over fabric too. What do you wrap your presents with?

To protect the feathers in the mail, I wrap in some tissue paper ( i always save this stuff), then put inside an envelope made from old magazines, then i slide this into the mailing envelope. That way your feathers stay pretty and safe!

Now I gotta get back to work. Go to Nylonmag.com/itunes to download a free playlist!