coconut records video contest.

i love coconut records music.
 when i heard there was a music video contest i called my friend micah of serial box studios to see if he wanted to help with it. PROJECT! i love projects. he called back excited and brought our friends trey and ryan along for the fun. i told him to write down three songs he liked and i would do the same to decide on the perfect song. we both had the same song for our first choice and kinda told each other what we envisioned. so there you go. that was easy. we all wanted it to look like an old video (think wonder years). there was only 3 things i specified
1. campfire sesh
2. my uncle doing a handstand on a skateboard and us just hanging out skating.
3. and a lil shot of the barber shop that was in the movie rushmore. (by the way the owner of that barber shop was so rad. he even showed me on original board that he found)
the rest of the ideas came easy and it was awesome cause we all just fed off of eachother.

so i called my family up and asked them to come over for a grill out sesh and they were in. all i had to do was a lil decorating like.... made a teepee with random sheets and scraps that i had, used huge  stencils for the song title,  put up an old christmas tree that was lying in the back yard, hung knitted garland, played instruments, hung up lights and wore feathers. we just had the cameras rolling while we sang, danced, hung out, ate yummy grilled food. best night in a long time.
tee pee inspiration from rachels blog over at smile and wave. her's is legit!
next day we all went skating in the heights, got kicked off a highschool lawn. boo. super fun!great footage. some people couldnt come bc they had to work but thats ok. and jacob didnt get to skate with us bc he was off to atlanta with trav. next time, next video guys.

I hope that i get to do more projects with serial box and hopefully they will let me intern with them so i learn their mad editing skillz. trey, ryan, and micah thank you so much. y'all filmed & mashed this up just as i imagined it!
I hope you enjoy this video. please let me know what you think. if you have any questions just ask:)

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