It's that time again!
I love giveaways and I actually Just won a giveaway from Sandy's Blog so I thought I should keep this  giveaway streak going! 
This giveaway will include the following:
maybe you will get a fun little feather like the above photo of me and kel. just maybe.

3 Bueno Bueno Felt Polaroid Magnets. 

1 Bueno Bueno Feather Wrap. (variety of colors)
Clip it in your hair. I pin it around my pony tail or pin it to the hair near the back of my neck.
Wear it on your back belt loop.
Wrap it on your purse handle.
dangle it from your rear view mirror so you never forget it!

and last
Special Bueno Bueno Mix tape (CD)
P.S. i make really awesome mix tapes!!!!

1. MUST be a signed in follower. 
2. leave me your name, blog and email address 
3. tell me your favorite song/band
If you tweet this or mention it in your blog you will gain extra entries.
just send me a link and let me know you did so.
thanks for reading guys, you rock! i hope you love the items in this giveaway
i picked them out just for you.
oh and Kassi thinks i should post my you tube videos on here but i'm not gonna post them all because i don't want to scare you off.
videos give you a better idea of who a person is right?
this video is from a couple years ago in my old house. 
this is a typical hang sesh with me.
the back story is my landlord at the time saw this video somehow
and left me a me a voicemail telling me she knows i skate board in the house.

this is one of those so tired your delirious moments.
maybe ill post another next week.
if you have you tube videos sned me the link.

GAIN 2 more entries by blogging or tweeting music video.
you guys are seriously the best!