i love rainy days.

today is a cold rainy day. perfect for staying in, listening to records, working on projects, watching movies, playing with nephew, or running errands bc not many people are out driving around.
heres how my day has gone so far...
-woke up and made coffee
- looked at the wonderful Bleubird Vintage blog for round 2 show and tell post. i was submission number 30 out of 46 ! yay james! get on with your bad self! check it out!
-bank, target, abbco, michaels
-MICHAELS ALBUM FRAMES ARE ONLY $5.99 TODAY. I stocked up! sale ends today.
-play with nephew:)

-eat soliz breakfast tacos yummy.
-listed the orange shaped coffee mug in my bueno bueno etsy shop
now i have to:
 pick more photos to enlarge
-clean the room so jacob comes home and feels relaxed. (its messy since he has been gone)
-got a call from jacob for a prayer request. please say some prayers bc his drive home is kinda scary...its been pouring down rain the whole time and he spilled his drink all over his crotch. oh no!

(this was him leaving earlier in the week. i  miss him mucho mucho. i love when he goes on trips because its such a good feeling when he comes back. butterflies!!)
- list more goods on etsy
- book more clients for tomorrow and next sunday for haiti.
Q. What are you doing this weekend?
  All money made on haircuts tomorrow go to Haiti!

Are you helping in anyway? who are you donating to? I'd love to know all about it. I love that so many people have big hearts in the world and are coming together to help out in this tragedy.

here are a couple more photos from the campfire sesh monday night.
can't wait to show y'all the video!

sister love

my lovely family. couldn't have asked for a better group.

taylor lee of finnegan, and the literary greats. he makes beautiful music.

keep an eye out for mr. fred winkler in the movies and on t.v.

my beautiful little sisters.

i will always be a kid.

baby come home.

hello to my new blog followers!!!