hallelujah it's sunday

we finally got a 11 x 17 frame for the poster i ordered from 
jamie watson of pineapple luv. jacob has mad framing skillz!

i love sundays. they are a time to relax, enjoy family time, run errands, pray more, and finish projects from the week.
I haven't been feeling to great but i still got some stuff done around the house and thank God for jacob and justin. they went up to the salon and made some changes that will make a huge difference! Ill show pics later. 
Im posting this song because i love it and it's by the sundays. It's the perfect song for a cold chilly day.

i had some of my photos enlarged for some frames that we received from our wedding (almost 2 yrs ago) these are the photos. i take a photo of a vw van every vacation we go on. this one is in california. i am 
going to frame all of them.

my face looks like a heart in this photo.

i put together some packages to mail out tomorrow morning.

i made my grammy tea because she is sick.

brainstormed for a couple music video's we are making. (it's going to be so much fun).
micah bikham gave me this photo of jacob. (they had a photo shoot this week because the 71's won 
best NEW houston band from the 94.5 buzz) i love it! i posted this pic bc i will be working with micah 
from cereal box studios for one of the fun video projects. oh and the video has nothing 
to do with the 71's. are you curious???  

photos I still want to enlarge this week.
i took these on vacation.

make sure to check back soon we are posting our second giveaway this 
Q. what projects are you getting into this week?
are you in the middle of a few?