they are leaving me.

it's true.
jacob left this morning to drive to atlanta to see his best friend trav and the boys he used to play with in a band.  i hope he has a blast but, i will miss him. hopefully he will be sending me pics. he stayed an extra day to be in the video project:) i didn't even have to ask him. thank you love.
and kelly is going to be in Newyork for a week with her best friend corey and then she is off to dallas for her new FOSSIL job. i'm happy for her but sad for me. happy that she is going to have a design job, sad that she will be in dallas:(
i gotta get to the salon to cut some hair and shoot a day time sequence for video project.

Listen to one of my favorite songs. it's beautiful and it's gotten me through some pretty tough times, and lonely days.

what are yall doing today? anything fun and exciting?
giveaway coming in a day or so. be sure to sign up as follower for your chance to win:)
and be sure to check out Alans weekly playlist tonight or tomorrow. he will be posting an amazing playlist once a week from now on.