I have the best friends EVER!

Hello everyone!
Wednesday I left Houston and began a three day journey to New York with Corey (best bud since 6th grade) and his buddy Jason. Corey has been living in New York since he was 18 and he finally found the opportunity to drive his big Texas car up to Brooklyn...I had to go.


 the car was completely packed.

There were HUNDREDS of Waffle Houses along the way and I made the mistake of saying I had never been. Next exit...Waffle House.

Corey lives in Bushwick with three other guys and it was such a funny world to step into for a few days. Please notice the wall decor (skate deck, post card, thermos, and I'm not sure about the other item). I feel the need to define the "boyland" that I was in so the next few photos are just of Corey's place. 

This is wall #2

The basement is Corey's room/practice space for Mean Little Blanket


This is Corey and Christina. I met Christina in Lubbock and then we lived together for 3 years. One week before my trip to NY she got job in the city and left Texas. I was super happy to have another friend move to NY.  Christina was a trooper and hung out with me the whole time in "boyland." I love that Chris and Corey hit it off.  



I know her face is blown out in this shot, but I had to post the giggly cuteness. (I hadn't figured out the right settings on my camera for the majority of my time in NY) 


Super models <3



Jason Schwartzman

We went to Christina's place one night and since she had just moved in she didn't have any games so we used what we had (beer, paper, pencil) and had some fun.  Does anyone know the name of this game? Here are some of the first ones I had to guess.

I found this on the couch at Corey's one night...so I had to.
Boys are definitely a different breed.
What purpose does this mask have?

Fabiane's was my favorite place we ate at.


Sean Lewis

Andrew Chavez

Happy coincidence...while driving up to NY my friend Sean sent me a text saying him and Andrew were moving up to NY and they (La Panza) were playing in Brooklyn! Can it get any better than that?

IT CAN! Layla (on the right) also lives in NY. I met Layla in dance classes at TTU in Lubbock.
 I was sooooo happy to be surrounded by my beautiful friends in NY and we all ended up in the same place for one night.

Oh, and La Panza killed it that night!

I'm not sure where they found theses tiny farm animals.

I love people who make me smile big!


we are making the duck lip pout...earlier Corey called out Christina for doing it. She later murdered him. 

La Panza boys

HAHA. We got home around 4:30 a.m. after the La Panza show and found Oscar asleep while sitting up with a beer still in hand. We had a good LONG laugh over this. The first day I was in town, all the guys were talking about the reoccurring habit of his and I was around long enough to see it happen.

My trip was amazing! I swear I have been spoiled by my beautiful friends. I wish Alan could have been there for all the silliness.

Corey - I love you and I hope in fifty years we are still goofing off like sixth graders.

Chris and Layla - I need more you two!  love love love love love.


*I know my pictures are iffy...I borrowed a semi busted camera from my brother-in-law and I was figuring out the settings as I went along. I'll get better.