working on my fitness.

the weirdo( left) on the multi colored towel is me
so its that time again. the time i wake up at 4:15 am for 5 am bootcamp! last year i joined for 5 months so that i could be more toned and ready for bikini season and i had a blast. it was a success, i felt good, i was healthy, i was firm, and i was happy. so why did i quit? i have no idea? laziness i guess. so 5 months later here i am. ready for a life change. i dont just want to look good in my bikini, i want to be healthy and feel good. i want to be the best that can be. there is no excuse anymore. 5 am bootcamp is not for everyone. i need it bc i like group excercise and i like someone telling me what i need to do(only in workouts). 
i also will be doing the mari method. its a mix between yoga and strength training. try it out. your body will  feel so good, and mari anne provides healthy recipes and tips.
if fitness was one of your 2010 goals and you just hate the gym there are plenty of things you can do on your own. i put together some ideas for you and i hope you try them. maybe we can all help eachother out by keeping one another accountable. i will be posting my progress once a week for you.
when jacob wakes up ill have him take a photo of me, and ill take my measurements. i don't really keep track of weight bc muscle weighs more than fat.
 Lets do this! small changes make a difference. big changes make a dramatic difference!
things to try:
do push ups when you wake up or before you go to bed to keep your arms strong & toned.
go longboarding or ruuning in the park

go on fun dates that include excercise.

dance with your friends. take a dance class. when you wake up dance to three of your favorite songs.
dance in the sun on a boat.
throw dance parties on the weekends.
put on yor friends hockey gear and run around and act crazy.
go on more bike rides.
go bowling with your friends instead of sitting around watching TV.
it's super fun and the more you jump around and dance each turn...the better:)
march 2008 hawaii surf. looks like a lake.

go surfing, run around in the sand, go for a swim

long walks on the beach with your camera are great for your legs and your photo album.
run for a cause. this is a fun activity do do on the weekends with your friends and family.


put your swimsuit on once a week in the winter months to motivate yourself to get your fitness on!
its so easy to get squishy. i should know. im looking foward to toning up, and losing some boobage.
all photos are from 2009 except
photos 5, 11, 12, 14 are from 2008.
check out the roxy blog for music, cute workout clothes, and little workouts.
free music download once a week.

i think i am going to start a food journal too just so im aware of how much food and what kind of food goes into my body.
plus i just ike writing in journals.
Q.what excercises are you doing?
Q. what are your favorite songs to work out to? please let me know. i love new music to work out too.
Q. what kind of body changes are you hoping to see? 
i want a nice booty playlist
so what
single ladies
don't stop til you get enough
heads will roll
hey ya
sexy back
shut up and let me go
just dance
thats not my name
drop it like its hot