It's a new year

It's a new year so I will...

Floss my teeth more often
(anyone else lie to the dentist when they ask you how many times a week you floss?)

Learn Spanish
Alan was awesome and emailed a list to kick start my education
lo siento - i'm sorry
la comida - food
beber - to drink
estoy de acuerdo - i agree
cuando - when
donde - where
que - what
quien/ quienes - who
cuanto/a - how much
cuantos/as - how many
cual - which
cuales - which ones
como - how
por que - why
adonde - where to
de donde - from where

Buy a Ukulele
(when I went with Corey to buy one for his dad, the itch began)

Get a job...a design job
(fingers crossed)

Live in the same city as Alan-boyfriend
(long distance blows after six months)

Return to dance
(it's been way too long and I'm beginning to feel funny)

Send my friends Birthday cards
(this will be tricky, but I think I can mail things off on time)

(it's magical and smells like feet)

Commit to The MARI METHOD
(excited about this one...I'll be posting my progress)

Build a light-box so I can screen like whoa

(YIPPIE! Supplies are bought, but I need a saw)

Get necessary items such as
Digital camera

Create awesome design


Anyone have a weird goal this year?