Polaroids, Necklaces, Randoms & Mixtapes!

Bueno Bueno felt Polaroid magnets can be used as grocery lists, to do lists, and frames for regular pictures. They also are great for B-day presents, or awesome valentines day Gift for guy or girl!

With this tin tray you can make a display in your guest room/your room, bring your hubby coffee in bed, or just use it while your watching Tv on the couch!
You can spray paint these mushrooms or leave them be. Adorable.
And OMG this orange coffee cup is amazing! I want to keep it but have you seen that show hoarders? I dont want to keep everything I love.


I am selling Feather headbands, and Bueno Bueno Key Necklaces.
You can purchase headbands in my etsy shop:)
Leave a comment  letting me know if you want to purchase Bueno Bueno Key Necklace.
excuse my etsy shop. We are working on that and our blog!

Feather, Sun, Bird, Cactus, Rose&Heart, Tree

You can cut the chain to make it the size you desire.
Guys wear them too. Jacob wears onewith the bird.
But his says Jacob and Brandi.
My friend David and Joseph sport these too:)

I want to ride my bicycle necklace. Longer chain.

princess tiger lilly  necklace.

this one won't be going on Etsy but if you like this indian chief necklace let me know:)

i love this. I usually wear this with a dress or baggy v-neck sweater.
going in etsy shop soon.

I'm waiting for these to come in, so I can give yall one with your purchase:) Im so excited. Thanks Joseph Pancho! You are the bestest! He used a photo of my tattoo and made it into this cute feather button:)
Today I mailed out mixtapes for my blog friends Lindsay and MC!
( Cd's.  but mixtapes sound better)
CD swaps are a fun way to get to know what my blog friends like to listen to and for them to see what some of my favorite songs are:) I hope yall enjoy! Let me know what you think?
I will def be doing more Cd swaps in the near future!
would you be interested in a swap?
What are your all time favorite bands?
Old or new? I'd love to check them out.