two things I love around my home

Ok awesome friend Kassi over at Bacwoods Fern has a post on her blog called "Two things I love around my home" and she asked  for some of us to participate because It's fun right!? I love to see how people decorate their home. It's always my favorite part about going to a new friends home. You see their personal style and unique touches.

 I love my grandfather's dresser. The two small drawers are my favorite for stashing away small things that are important to me. I let jacob have a small drawer and 1 big drawer. Jacob (my hubby) has moved our room around again, so its no longer by my bed. His side dresser is there now which was also my G-pas. Which also means this is his side of the bed now. Ew my tag is sticking out. Sorry.

I also LOVE my comfy bed! OMG buying an expensive mattress is so worth it!
I don't feel guilty over sleeping in it because I got to get my money's worth right?
Anyway I always buy cute quilts and comforters when I see them. I think I have over 10. You can never have too many blankets! This one has 2 prints on it so I can switch sides when I get bored. I got this baby at Urban Outfitters on sale a while back.
I made the flower pillow with vintage fabric and I'm decorating it a lil each day. The striped pillow is from Marshalls, I love the fabric its like couch material.
The Pretty pillow is my Grandma's, and the plain white one is from Ikea.
It was so plain I had to embroider a heart with our initials.
CAN YOU HELP me find cute pillowcases ? thats my trouble, I have been searching and searching!
I'm thinking about just silk screening pillowcases since I can't find any.
Hello and Welcome New blog friends! Thanks for reading:) Hope to get to know you better!
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currently my living situation is a transition, but here are (newest) two things in my room that I love.
--i don't have a good camera like Brandi, so I apologize for the grainy phone pictures--

1. Wall cock. I saw this at Value Village and HAD to have it.

2. (below) a HUGE photograph of my mom from the early 80's at a hair show. Paul Mitchell had just finished cutting her's whatever.    :)