kelly's new world.

Adios Cotter Lake Ave, Hola Moore Ave.

I did it. I moved from Houston to Terrell and started work all within 24 hours.

This is my old view of the receptionist desk at EJ Salon...I will miss Lety (my boss), but I sure am glad to have a new view now. I'll try to get a picture of my new view when no one is looking (it's way too early to be made fun of).

Saying goodbye to my little nephew sure did suck. 


Today, my mom put him on the phone and he couldn't stop jibber jabbin.


Amy and her cell phone hung out with me on my last night in town. I swear, teens do not know how to live without their cell phones.

While driving to Dallas on I-45, I passed quite a few horses and it finally hit me that it's kind of strange to be 15 feet away from horses on an interstate. I know it's super dangerous, but I rolled down my window, zoomed in and quickly snapped a shot (and it actually came out).

I had to stop for some snacks and stretch my legs for a bit...anyone ever been to this mall of a gas station?

Hint: "it's a beaver"

I feel like my life has been a crazy roller coaster for a while, and I would like to say it's going to calm down, but I just don't think calm is in the books for me.

I live in trailer now out in Terrell (it's all new to me) and my job is in in Richardson. I get on the road 1hr and 15 minutes before I have to be at work just to make it to work on time. Traffic on the loop in Dallas is worse than any other traffic I've ever been in, but I am learning my way around. Everyday, I drive about 85 miles from A-B and then B-A. I can not wait until this weekend so I can have some daylight to play in. My dad has a truck and he likes to spoil us girls so he is bringing up a few more things for me from Houston. I wish he could bring me my little pup. I miss my Zeyk-a-peak soooooooo much!

ooooo my baby!


ReadyMade came in the day before I left (yippie) and guess what? The feature story is about how "big dreams come in tiny trailers." Are you kidding me? How perfect is that? I'll be making a few posts over the changes I'm making to my trailer room. Thank God for ReadyMade and GREAT inspiration!

Well, that's all I have for now.