Have a good day, darling.

Brandi told me of this magical Web site lala.com, and this week I am testing it out. All the songs are linked through the site (which is FREE), and I am now linking the albums through allmusic.com (generally pretty informative, but some album descriptions read more as reviews, which I'm not thrilled about). Please let us know if you like this format or if you would prefer something else. Here to please!

Pete Yorn - Country - (Back & Fourth)

The Dead See - Mary Kelly - (Through the Veil)

Diana Ross - I'm Coming Out - (Diana)

love this album!

PJ Harvey - Missed - (Rid of Me) 

Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds - Fallin' In Love - (Fallin' In Love)

XTC - Grass - (Skylarking)

King's X - Don't Care - (Dogman)

signing off now.