Today is a busy day, restocking the shelves with product, color, and just getting the salon in order for 2010!!!
Yesterday was my first day of work for the year and it was fantastic!!! I love my Job! Oh and one thing that really excites me about going into work is when I make a new playlist or buy new records for the Sunchild! 

Well I saw this today and got excited Because I don't Steal music off the internet at all. But when U.O, Nylon, or Paste magazine offer Free downloads it's ok to get free music!
Jacob is a musician and he is very STRICT on the no stealing music from kaaza, limewire, or the other sites but he is ok with this one since the artist has to approve. I think it's smart to buy music you like so that artist can keep making beautiful music for all of us! Right?

So,  Thank You Urban Outfitters for your playlists and free downloads!

Hope this was a treat for you!
Also if you buy Paste Magazine right now they have 25 awesome songs to download for free! actually in every issue. CLICK HERE to preview.