COOL PEOPLE // Brent Nettles

Photograph by: Chloe Cash Nettles (his wife) /// Designed by: Zach McNair.

Some of you have seen my twitters about Brent Nettles Music and were curious... now you can check it out here
Right now as I am typing this Jacob and Brent are having coffee and making breakfast in the kitchen..Chloe is still asleep. It smells delicious but I want you to check his music out IT IS AMAZING! I swear. The first time I heard it we were in California at his apartment (they had just moved) and we were playing a board games while listening to music. I asked "who is this?" and someone says..."ITS BRENT!" I was like " no seriously." I didn't believe it until I heard more. The lyrics get you in the heart! Brent is one of the best guys in the world. Heart of Gold. Has no enemies. Loves everyone. It's true. Jacob and I are lucky to have best friends like him and Chloe.

10 questions with Brent
When did you first take interest in music?
Prob, whenever, gosh, i think I was 10, my brother started playing the guitar, 2 years later I started the bass. Oh and my dad has always been a drummer.

What inspires you to write?
Something about pandas, Current events in my life and in the world so I can look back and remember. I also like to write fiction just for fun.

Is there a place you go when you write?
No, But I'm usually in my car, no music on and without a guitar. When I have the guitar it limits me because I'm not that great at it.

Who are your favorite musical artists?
The beatles, cursive, third eye blind, sigur ros, Sufjan Stevens, arcade fire, (looks at jacob)...The 71's.

Who do you like slumber partying with the best?
Jacob and Brandi (Big smile)..and Tyler..and Jerry...and Grammy (My grandma walks in)

Are you gonna continue to write music?
yeah of course

One thing you do everyday
Brush my teeth and tell my wife I love her.

Ok, so what kind of toothpaste do you use?
I have sensitive teeth so sensidine or pronamel, I am a year overdue in getting a root canal.

What is another passion of yours?
Just creating in general..well you know it's Furniture design right now. (he is in woodworking school with our other friend Kylle. Thats why they moved to cali)

Favorite place to buy music
Record stores because i like the artwork, but itunes because its fast. 
Houston- cactus records// San Diego- Lou's records

Thats all I'm going to say for now...

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