my desk and what i wore today.

ok so we all love to look into eachothers homes to see how one decorates and to see if others have messy rooms right? as you can see i still have piles of receipts to go through and random boxes full of who knows what:( im trying to organize better so that i can have a clean brainstorming area (bc we all know my creative studio is a complete disaster! there won't be a photo of that area yet.
i just took down a bunch of art from the wall bc i wanted a change. now i have 3 photos that i took, a photo from our engagement, fabric art framed , a poster from pineapple, and my old owl print on wood from urban outfitters.

 this is what im wearing today.
neon shirt: 10 bucks at pac sun
skirt: terry cloth from american apparel
leggings: target 4. 99
shoes: TOMS 
necklace: thrifted red
these are some things on my desk.
blank cds so i can make mix tapes for friends!
see the heart on our etch a sketch? brent made that during the holidays.
the etch a sketch was a present that fred and darin bought me when they came up to visit me in colorado. so yes i've had it awhile now.
 im letting my hair air dry so i can fix it. and i think its time for a bang trim.
jacob says, "get your hair out of those pretty eyes!" gee sorry!

what are some things you do at your desk?
how much time do you spend there?
what's on your desk?

have a great friday!
kelly and i are working on some super rad projects and we are excited to share them with you soon!