will you marry me?

kelly and i decided to start a wedding inspiration series starting now...
its almost that time that jacob and i will celebrate our 2 year wedding anniversary! woo!
and im making him a special video so ive been going through all our footage and pics. im gonna share some photos the day we got engaged, some of our photo shoots, parties leading up to it, the wedding day, and our 2 week honeymoon. i always love hearing peoples love stories and seeing their special moments. this will be the engagement post.
i think this will be fun. i hope you join in on the fun! here goes.

so jacob and i went to san francisco the week we got engaged. i thought we were going for rannies bday but jacob had other things in mind. his tattoo and proposal. so much fun! was i in for the surprise of my life! it's very hard to surprise me...i figure things out. in fact before this trip i was nosey and he said you just pushed back your engagement a couple months bc your snooping! ha ha ha!
 AUGUST 2007
yay for taking pics on the plane to san fran. this is 1 of our distraction techniques so i don't get sick during take off.
first night. we came to san fran for this lady!
so excited to be in san fran again! still had no idea.
day two we found a leaf walking around san fran so we decided that was the trail of leaves jacob would get from our friend henry lewis. i am going to get the same leaves to remind me of this trip.
august 27th rannies bday! 
we went to a german retaurant and drank beer out of a huge glass boot then went to karaoke! little did i know they were scheming.
august 28
we walked around all day, took the typical bridge shot, rented a prius, drove to sausalito, ate at horizons on the water. pretended that we lived in a huge house and walked through the neighborhood. i still had no idea! bc he didn't ask here.

we drove up to the highest point of the city so we could watch the sunset on one side and watch the fog over the bridge on the other side. this is when he started to get weird. we parked and walked to this secret area (best view ever), then he forgot the cooler so he went back to the car to get it, then he opened the cooler and said, "crap!!" haha he had forgotten glasses and i said i didnt mind drinking wine out of the bottle. he was acting nervous and usually he is so silly so i went exploring and took a ton of pics when he said, "can you please stop taking pictures and come here?"

this is how i remember it..
 he hugs me, gets down on his knees, hugs my waist, tells me how lucky he is, that im his best friend, that we are lucky and rare, and that he has the best times with me, thanks me for being me, thanks me for watching the sunset with him, and asks..." do you think you'd wanna watch a million more sunsets with me?
"yeah....."(very puzzled)
"well do you think you'd wanna be my wife?"
"um ask again!"
"will you be my wife?"
he then opens the cooler and pulls out the DOM PERIGNOM that henry and rannie got for us.
and we drink DOM out of the bottle! hahahaha.
WE ARE ENGAGED!! this was the first photo we took after the question.
this was right after he proposed. sorry it was super windy.

how were you proposed to?
was it magical?
were y'all alone?
If you are not married or engaged how would you like it to go down?
do you like surprises?

you have to watch this and see the most creative way to ask your wedding party to be in the wedding!
liz is a dj on the radio and dk proposed to her at the station so all her listeners including us could be a part of it!
next post will be our engagement shots and other engagement shots we love.