working on our booty...i mean fitness.

wake up wake up wake up it's the first of the month! ha ha remember that song! happy february!
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or 2010 calendar here.

i don't know about you but i work out better when i wear cute stuff. haha. it's true. i just found out about aviator nation and i am wanting all of it! the bright colors, the soft cotton, the retro feel. this is my kind of  brand. paige mycoskie, a texas girl helped make this brand happen. to find out more about aviator nation click here.
today jacob and i are gonna start running together. i am better now and im excited to get my cardio on!
ive been doing mari method all last week bc i could do it in my room, now its time to add some running in, along with boot camp and mari method.
music is a major part of my work out. 
what about you?
what do you wear while working out?
do you have a goal?
jacob wants to go to cali in march so i wanna be able to run around in my bikini 
it really helps to have a goal!