"have you the wing??"

Well kids, it's about that time that people go wedding crazy and satan jumps out of brides to be. To ease stress we put this this together...I know kristi hank & liz jordan will enjoy this.
Hopefully, something here will inspire you and get you to try something a little different for a wedding or even just a regular party.

Wedding Photography 

I love her photos and I especially LOVE this particular summer wedding she shot. Kristen is always exploring her options in photography (click here to visit her blog)

is a popular blog for creative wedding ideas

 for both fun photography and craftiness

This is a GREAT source for ANYTHING. I've seen so many cute ideas on this blog

This is a really fun garland idea that you can find at My DIY Wedding Day.
Check out this site...even if you aren't the marriage kind, it's still a fun place to look around and grad inspiration for any type of party.
(the actual tutorial is at 100 layer cake)

For invitation ideas
I recommend searching Flickr
I found some cute ideas HERE just by searching "letterpress invitations"

Seasame Letterpress is responsible for the work above.

...or contact a graphic designer with strong illustration abilities 
at the moment, I have a bit of a crush on Kelli Murray's illustration skills

Check out her blog to see a lot of fun stuff
Here are a few of my faves (non-wedding related)

Both her blog and site are flooded with great work

Things an illustrator can be helpful with other than invitations:
-Prints as wedding party gifts
-name tags
-name plates for the reception tables
-wedding portraits (instead of/along with a wedding photo)

come on, be creative.

Once a week (sometimes twice) Brandi and I are going to continue doing a wedding blog and we will throw in some traditional wedding stuff, but for the most part it'll be DIY and other creative solutions.
If you want us to include something specific in the next wedding blog, let us know.
We are going to try to hit everything.

All you bridezillas play nice