i heart you i heart you i heart you.

ring from catbird
also from catbird i saw this ring on hot child in the city blog this morning and i freaked out!
it's so dainty and perfect, i just dont know if i want a heart or a j for jacob.
i want. i heart. i need.
im sad bc i forgot where the necklace and the flash drives came from. if you know can you send me a link. ill be searching in the mean time!

jacob and i like to buy eachother little things all the time. it's kind of bad bc if we see something the other person will like, we just buy it. we are bad. we need to save more.
we use valentines day as an excuse to buy eachother a lil something. 

-do you love valentines day?
-do you hate valentines day?
-what do you hope to get for valentines day?

yesterday we said we would just take a trip instead of buying presents. we shall see about that.
i am definitely planning a special v-day picnic/photoshoot with jacob, liz and dk. i cant wait! 
 we have all seen this photo before (flickr). i think everyone and their mom has blogged about it!
its perfect for this month. its so simple and pretty. i am working on some cute decorations in my room this month because jacob and i will celebrate 2 years of marriage on Feb 22!

 i love the way he draws hearts. ha ha. this photo was taken 4 years ago but it still makes me smile.