TAG YOU are IT! 7 things + 2

Oh Hush Mandy tagged me and now I am tagging 7 of you.
actually i have 9 things because i kept going on accident.
i hope this is fun for yall. if you are not tagged please leave me a comment telling me one random fact about yourself.
okay here are some things about me that you may not of known.

  1. i wish i had an afro! i have always wanted one. i used to pray for a fro, freckles and braces.

2. I can jump a car by myself....i don't need a man to do it for me. Thanks dad!

3. i love taking pictures with all of my cameras. i have a lot of different ones.

4. i really want to go to a surf/yoga camp in costa rica this year.
this is me in hawaii. i could live there forever.

5. i love laughing til it hurts. jacob is my favorite person to laugh with especially really late at night when nothing makes sense. we have the best inside jokes!

6. yes im one of those people who didn't think Paris was that great. we all had fun though.
jacob loved it so much that he is making me go back.
i didn't even have a pastry while i was there. weird.

7. my favorite place to eat is chuy's. we used to eat there almost everyday.
when we were in hawaii for 2 weeks without chuys i lost 8 pounds. true story.

8. i have to take a vacation once a month if not we take a mini trip to austin.
i really feel that it is important to have as much fun with eachother as you can!
(bc after we have kids we wont be able to as MUCH.)

9. ok so SFP took a trip to mexico in july. we ended up staying at a resort on "swinger week" YIKES!
yes this really happened. none of us knew until we were approached multiple times. Thank God we had a huge group or else that could have been scary! instead it was the best (most hillarious) trip ever!

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