DIY heart garlands. 2 styles.

what you'll need:
magazines or catalogs, brown paper bags (its a great way to recycle)
sewing machine
tear out a page, fold in half and cut out as many hearts as you want.
in many different sizes.

figure out which direction you would like to sew them.

just feed the heart right in. 

i like to have some space between the hearts, so they can rotate.

 this is how it should look. i use two colors of thread.

dont throw these away. you can use these in another garland, or you can glue them to card stock and make a cute card.

garland type 1

finger knit how- to
watch it's super easy.
garland type 2 :finger knit garland with magazine cut outs.

another idea for all your hearts.
make a trail of hearts for someone to follow.
the paper heart trail.
are you curious?
if you decided to try this or have a garland of your own please send me the link!
what are your plans for valentines day? 
oh and i keep forgetting.

bc they are too much fun.

 I am hoping my Valentine's day this year includes, my friends smiling and knowing they are loved by jacob and i. and maybe a cute lil gift from jacob. 

2. My biggest guilty pleasure is i dont feel guilty about any of my pleasures. haha. im with lauren on this one...reality tv ugh! like the bachlor

3. I am most proud of my husband jacob for being the best husband(#1 rocksatr) who is also so so patient with me and my cousin taylor for writing the prettiest songs and such beautiful music. (finnegan)

4. If I could choose one outfit to live in it would be my tye dye pants that jacob hates, and a tee shirt and flip flops:) 

5. People are amazing. they amaze me with how awful/selfish they could be one day and how awesome/loving they can be the next. i love my peoples.

6. I would rather be busy working with my hands than just sitting around. I love to work! its hard for me to just relax.

7. I love my  nephew ryder more than words could ever explain. he makes me want a baby. next year.

send me a link of your fill in the blank friday or your DIY project pwetty pwease!