I want to wash my hair with snow

Well, this is my traveling buddy, Ms. Toyota Corolla. I recently found of that Corolla = small crown.
I had heard it was going to snow, but I live in Texas and it is never really snows. I woke up late Thursday and saw my car and ground covered in snow. No time for make up! I grabbed my clothes, my tooth brush and was out the door. I made time for a few pictures (more important than make up)... In case you are wondering about the red thing on my antenna, it's your friendly neighborhood spider man... duh? 
I made it to work on time and it was a GREAT day! I didn't match one bit because I was in a hurry, but that's never really been my thing.
Me and Reed scheduled in so play time and once the camera came out to play, I definitely regretted my decision to not wear make up. oh shmake up.
I love Reed. He makes me laugh soooo much. Must I explain my love for him after seeing this picture? Online Media with Francisco brought us together and I am so glad we are once again in the same city.

AAAAAAHH! The Holy Snow. Can you hear my heart singing?

Snow in Texas = bad drivers, mucho wrecks and no drive home to Terrell for me. Once again good 'ol Julie took me in. There were tons of snowmen/women lining the streets all over Richardson. 

It had been a while since I had a glass of wine so we made a stop on the way to her house.
P.S. I love that there is an American flag hanging outside the store. 

snow also = red wine in my belly !
Unfortunately, Alan couldn't remember the name of the wine that Amanda Pearl Shires had recommended (I loved it) so I picked and I picked wrong!
Any red wine fans? Any recommendations? 

We ended the night with a small batch of brownies. 

Do you live where it snows a lot?
Do you love/hate snow?
What are your favorite things to do on a lazy snowy day?

Happy weekend 

muchos besos,