happy birthday to the best dad ever!

our dad is 51 today. crazy how time whiz's by. we have the best dad in the world. he would do anything for us and he has always made everything we do a big deal. he is our #1 fan. since i was born he has always encouraged us to try new things, find something we love, and be passionate about what we do. if he is not at work he is with one of us kids. right now every weekend is devoted to Amy's softball schedule. like today - saturday out of town tournament.
some awesome things i remember growing up with him....
he loved reading to us. he did awesome voices too.

1. saturday mornings. building forts inside or building igloo's in the snow. dancing around the house with the windows open and the record player blaring. our songs were take on me and twist and shout.
2. he made people wear gloves and a mask when i was an infant bc he didnt want me to get their germs...that was the start of being over protective:)
3. dancing in the kitchen. my feet would be stepped on his and he would lead. also throwing me under his legs and flinging me high in the air.
4. always making his daughters feel special on valentines day and training my lil brother to spoil us too. flowers, notes, and lil gifts.
5. waking up early to help us with homework that we didnt finish the night before.
6.( i hated it back then) saying : "i know what boys think at that age! i used to be a teenage boy and no way are you going out with him!" then he would tell us how we should be treated like a "princess" he set such high standards for us. im so glad that he did.
7. singing "you are my sunshine" and"edelweiss" from sound of music...while rubbing my back so i could fall asleep.
8. watching movies with him bc if there was a cuss word he would clear his throat so loud and long until the cussing would stop hahaha.
9. my dad supported my decision to move to colorado with one week notice....he didn't want me to leave but i had my mind set...i needed to learn how to snowboard. 2 years later i missed the houston humidity so  he flew out and he drove a uhaul behind me without music to move back home!
10. my dad's speech at my wedding. best 10 minutes or longer. made me feel so special bc he pretty much summarized my whole life. i dont even think he finished it bc it was so long.
these are from my dads surprise 50th bday party last year.
we threw it at my salon. he thought he was picking me up to go to a movie.

kelly's top memories growing up with dad.
1. Waking up on my birthday, Valentine's Day and even Easter to flowers, a balloon and some kind of present on my bed stand from Dad and Jeremy (little brother) :)
2. Singing "i'm a lonely petunia in an onion patch" and "Edelweiss" at bed time when we were little. My favorite part of the onion patch ditty was "Boo hoo (sniff sniff), boo hoo (sniff, sniff), the air ís so strong it takes my breath away" haha good stuff.
3. When Amy (our little sister) was very small, she had two small bears. At bed time she would ask my dad to do the Teeny and Tiny (two small bears haha) and so he would take them and act out a day for Teeny and Tiny and he had a specific high pitch voice for each of them. I liked hearing that...it made me chuckle.
4. Watching him and Jeremy Wrestle at the house in Tara. I always tried to get in on it, but I was a girl :( Every now and then they let me. "No cheap shots"
5. Helping me move EVERY TIME. I've moved quite a bit and I have a lot of stuff.
5.5 I always get a kick out of him telling me and Brandi "be a lady."
6. Bring my dog home from Lubbock for the first time. No one knew about Zeyk and I think I came home for easter and Zeyk was two months old. I opened the door to my house and let zeyk wobble in. My Dad was at the top of the stairs and was excited that I was home and then his face changed when he saw my dog. "what's that?" was his first response and I was super scared. I sighed and said "Dad, meet Zeyk" and he did. Instead of yelling or lecturing me, he took me to Petsmart to get Zeyk a collar/leash, toys, and a name tag. What an awesome dad.
7. All the embarrassing stuff like walking me up to the door step of every party I went to.
8. After he moved me into my dorm at TTU he asked me if I was really in the Major I wanted to be in and he said if I had doubts he wouldn't be upset. He continued to say that if I felt I should do something with art that I really needed to and now is the time to be honest with myself. I felt soooooooo relieved. We made an appointment with an advisor for the next day (also the day before classes were going to start) and I enrolled in all the basic art classes and applied for the Communication Design program. I am so thankful that he didn't pressure me to study anything typical just so I could make a lot of money. I LOVE Graphic Design and I'm so glad he made sure I was where I truly wanted to be.

Dad we are so proud of you! thank you for giving us such an awesome life, and teaching us good work ethic. you made everything special for us!
Thanks Dad! Happy Birthday and we love you more!