container + hearts + duct tape= tutorial

hello friends. i decided to post another tutorial. i hope you like it. its simple easy and a good way to recyle your trash while helping you stay organized at the same time. double whammy!
crystal light container. the wrapper has been peeled off.
(i save the little cups too for paint.)

supplies: container, colored duct tape, heart cut outs, double sided scotch tape, scissors.

step 1. wrap your duct tape around until its completely covered.
step 2. smooth out the tape.
 step 3. apply tape to back of heart cut out and attach where you want it to stick.
                          end result. i put this pretty on my desk.

these holders are all over my craft room. i have one for paint brushes, markers, sharpie pens, regular pencils, colored pencils.....they hold nicely in this duct taped covered 6 pack holder.


do you think you will try this one out?
does this one even interest you?
if you try it out pls send me a link:) under comments. i love seeing the creations yall make.
check out carolines giveaway its a good one! seriously!
you have to tell her one wish that has come true.
i said that i hope i win the coconut records video contest!
if that happens then thats my wish come true.

just found this!!! kirsten dunst, gia copola, and jason schwartzman