First weekend away from the trailer

Eeeeeeks! I'm super stoked. 
Right after work I am jetting down I-45 to return home for the first time. I always make it home for my parents Birthdays (they are two days apart) no matter what. I can not wait to see the family and squeeze the one and only Zeyk-peek.

In preparation for this mini-trip, I washed all my clothes and I had to Iron things out ahead of time. I usually do it over the weekend while I'm watching TV or a movie because it's so boring! I'm a perfectionist so it takes me around an hour to get five items straightened out :( 

Ironing sucks! It's something new that I'm trying out because I can't afford new/nice clothing (at the moment), but maybe, just maybe I can get away with the old rags as long as they're clean and ironed rags :). Eh, I'm not really fooling anyone. Maybe "one day when I'm rich" I'll just take everything to the cleaners or trade a chore with Alan so I can get out of obsessing over every little fold in the fabric. 

Anyone out there iron clothes? 
Anyone out there like it?

Here it is. My teeny weekend suitcase.
This time I remembered to pack the two things I ALWAYS forget

1. Jewelry

2. A brush and hair product

These are simple things a lady should remember, but I never do! The first week after I moved up to Terrell was a bad hair week (I forgot to pack anything hair related). I was so embarrassed walking around work with my hair product-less because it looked like I had just wrestled a bear and lost. 

I don't think I'm very uptight when it comes to packing. Are you? Are there things that you just have to have or else you go nuts?

Two great weekends back to back.

Happy Friday everyone
Are you going for extraordinary or simple this weekend?

Muchos Besos,