happy birthday to the prettiest best mama in the world!!!

meet our mom her name is Delia. shes 50 today!
this photo is so crazy bc she doesnt drink at all.
she hates the taste of alcohol.
she is the happiest person i know.
laughs at everything (really loud)
mama we love you so mucho mucho!
we brought her coffee and b-fast tacos this morning from soliz
we are fixing to get mani pedis
sephora to play with make- up
then to dinner 
then taking her to the 71s show tonight at warehouse live.
we will finish this post after our nails are pretty.
me, mom, kelly, and baby jeremiah.
my mom has the cutest style. always a new hairdo, maybe bc she is a hair stylist too.

poor dj. my mom let me wear her diamond earrings.
my mom took me everywhere. there was never a boring day.
pool days were the best!
 me, mom and kelly at our local park. its a huge wooden ship.

kelly's graduation at tech soooo long. but of course my mom was having a blast.

my mom is so creative and funny.
if you met her you would fall in love.
later we will post all the reasons we love her.
kinda hard when we are apending the day with her!
jacob(bassist) is back so we are taking my mom out for mexican food and to go see him play tonight.