One Wolf, Fry's Adventures, Creating, Alan and The Literary Greats. wow.

Hola! Like most weeks, this one has been crazy.

Is Michael J. Fox on my shirt? Why, yes he is.
One Wolf played a show at the end of their three week tour in Dallas at The Cavern. They are buddies I met while living in Lubbock who make awesome music. At the end of the set, Daniel Markham announced that they had a few shirts left from tour and Mr Fox was on them. I had to get I did. I also proudly wore it to work the next day! It was so good to see those boys.
remember when brandi hung out with them? wacky wednesday post? oh geez.

I went to Fry's for the first time...odd. Has anyone been there before?

My friend Lauren and I were in need of some headphones and it is the closest electronics store to where we work. First off, it is completely too big and it took us way too long to find the headphones, and second, the place is just weird. 
Along our way to the back left corner of the store (where we later found the headphones) we found

next to

this hat

next to

and New Moon hit a whole new low.
they are selling Blood (energy drink/candy) next to Twilight stuff. I read the package and it even has heating instructions. WHAT? At first I laughed then I just got sad that something like this exists.

oh and BONUS:

It's like the spice girls + instruments. 
I guess they have a huge following. Please click here to watch a clip.

What a fun adventure.

Well today/tonight I was running around doing a million things because Alan (our wednesday music man/my love) is coming in town tomorrow and I'm trying to get my space collected. I can't wait to see him. I worked on a few things this evening to pass the time because I'm a dork and still can't sleep when I'm excited about the next day.

finger knitting

 made some cards, feather dangles, feather headbands (i'm mailing two off this weekend for a very special lady in Nashville), and my map project. As you can see it is past midnight so I'm going to try and sleep now. If I don't, tomorrow will be the pits. 

I need all my energy because tomorrow The Literary Greats are playing in Dallas! 
If you live around DFW, come out to Bryan Street Tavern :)

muchos besos