is your hair happy?

hi im brandi from sunchild salon and i want you to have happy hair!
my hair is happy.
but that's because i take care of it.
1. take care of your hair. (get trims every 6 weeks.) if you dont your split ends will get worse.
find a stylist that really will just trim the ends. i hate when they take more than needed.
2. don't wash it everyday. (washing dries out your hair)
3. when washing only wash the scalp, your ends dont need it.
this also saves you money on all the shampoo your wasting.
4. condition the ends only, not the scalp. your scalp produces enough oil.
5. if you blowdry, flat iron, or curl..YOU MUST use a heat protectant.
heat without protectant causes breakage and split dry ends.
moroccan oil is perfect for that. you only need to use a small amt.
heat- bad. product -good.
I usually wash every other day but sometimes i go longer. hats, feather headbands, and pony tails help me on greasy hair days. also a dab of baby powder to the scalp soaks up the oil. sometimes i just wash my bangs. the more you wash your hair, the more oil your head produces, this is why you think you have to wash it.
after i wash and condition, i put moroccan hydrating creme on my ends, then i let air dry. if you need lift on root area you can go back with some uproot and a round brush.
so experiment. day 1 wash, day 2 don't, day 3 wash with water only(scrub oil from scalp down to ends.
and try not putting your hands in your hair so much throughout the day.

The reason for this post is to help you. i'm going to try and do a hair post once a week to give hair tips, product knowledge, or inspiration. do you have any specific questions? feel free to ask.

do these post interest you?
what products do use on a regular basis?
do you wash your hair everyday?
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the longer you go without washing your hair...the happier your hair will be!