carboard crowns and heart shaped crab cakes.

 last night we had some of our friends over for a valentines day feast. (no picnic or tent bc of the cold wet ground)
i decorated the place and made the crowns so everyone was a king and queen. for dinner jacob made mahi mahi, avacado sauce, roasted corn mix, and purple salad. for desert we had jamocha almond fudge (my favorite) and mint chocolate chip ice cream with thin mints on top. so good. after our belly's were full capacity we rummaged through jacobs snowboarding gear and bundled up to play outside...

heart shaped crab cakes. so cute

 i wish every dinner was like this. i think we are going to do this more often.

natalie showed us different dance moves all night. she is looking so fly in jacobs snowboarding pants.

 my cousin pepper was spent some of the night studying bc he is in law school. i think he was distracted.
josh and natalie found these on the floor. (suppose to be leaves on branches when folded)
russ played on all 3 pianos all throughout the night.

jacob and justin. no comment.

woob is gonna kill me for posting this but i like it!

taylor lee mid sentence. YES!

happy valentines day! from team bracob

i made everyone a card and valentines day mix so when they left they had a token of the night. 

this was a little slideshow i put together for jacob, the songs i chose were songs that we love love love and songs from our wedding day. first song by modern english and the second song is by the darkness. this was the first present i gave to him....along with a handmade card and 3 new shirts for his snowboarding trip!


wearing his new shirt.
jacob is going snowboarding with travis ( his BFF) in park city.

utah treat my husband and travis with care.
with jacob gone i will: starve, make a lot of money, make a lot of things, make a mess, and freeze at night. 
but i am super happy that he is going because he misses trav so much and i love that feeling when he comes back from vacation. butterflies!

What did you do for valentines day?
did you eat heart shaped food?
did u get a present?
where is your favorite place to ski or snowboard?
i wanna see, send me a link:)