2 things i love around my home. the perfect bath.

it's that time again for y'all to take a peek into my home. today i have 2 things i love around my bathroom. more photo's of our house click here.

1. my wonderful bathtub. its perfect. after a long day at work, jacob usually has this ready for me (he even boils water so it's extra hot) this is how i relax.
i took this photo 2 weeks ago. i since have replaced the flowers with a snake plant.

2.  my cabinet full of magic.
all these items make up the perfect soak.
cabinet from marshalls.
wooden owl from jamaica.
lemon coffee blossom olive stone scrub from emma jean and willies (gift from jacob)
keihls face scrub, body scrub, and lavender foaming relaxing bath.
oatmeal (handmade) soap from jacobs cousins.
mop lemon grass  shampoo and conditioner.
glass rose (gift from bruno)
candle from urban outfitters.
oils for bath (spearmint is my favorite) from whole foods.